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Most people associate the term dark Energy with Voldemort or Darth Vader images. Not many people will think about the stars and the entire universe.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been studying the stars. Humans have used the night sky to help us understand the world, provide insight into our human experience, and explain the inexplicable. These questions were once answered only by religion or faith, but it is possible to assume that some people still wonder about the nature of space, stars, and galaxies.

The nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is a classic. How I wonder who you are .”

Science is answering the many questions about the stars and the universe. Scientists have found that dark energy, a force that causes the universe to expand rapidly, is repelling.

What Is Dark Energy?

The Big Bang is the theory that the universe burst into existence at an initial velocity. Which should have been the setting of a steady speed.

Newton’s second laws dictate that an object’s acceleration is equal to its force applied upon it divided by its mass. As time progresses, the universe’s early days would have a larger mass. Which would theoretically result in a slowing down of the universe due to the mass expanding but the initial force remaining the same.

Instead, we see an acceleration in speed and expansion of the universe’s measurement.

Measurements of the distance between spatial objects using acoustic oscillations provide definitive observations. This allows amplified quantum fluctuations to observe the restructuring of galaxy clusters.

Scientists can track these clusters of galaxies to help map the universe’s evolution. This technique is similar to Type Ia supernovas, which occur several light-years from us. They are used as light beacons to measure great distances in space.

The universe’s speed is expanding seems to be increasing. Scientists are now seeing greater distances covered in shorter periods.

What is the unknown source of the universe’s rapid expansion? A mysterious force deemed dark energy.

This idea can be difficult to visualize, especially since dark energy is not dark. It’sIt’s invisible.

Imagine a stone being thrown across the water. The stone will start to move away from you as it skips. Eventually, it will slow down and fall into the water.

The universe performs a similar action but to a more complex degree.

Let the stone represent matter. It is expected that the velocity of the matter will decrease as it moves farther away.

The matter continues to move outwards, never collapsing or falling into space.

In this instance, the stone is material, the water is time, and the force that causes the continual skipping is darkened energy.

A simple explanation for the universe’s rapid expansion caused by dark energy can be found in concepts as straightforward as baked goods.

Imagine blueberry muffin batter is baked in the oven. The blueberries are what matter, while the batter is the space.

The batter thickens and rises as it heats up, pushing the blueberries further apart.

This is also happening in our universe. As the universe expands, matter (planets and moons, galaxies and stars) moves closer together.


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