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Congratulations on your move to Illinois. You are likely to have many questions, in addition to the excitement of a new chapter of your life.

Perhaps you are thinking about where to live, which schools to choose, how to set up utilities, what it costs, and how much it will cost.

You’ll need to be prepared for anything, heading to Chicago or anywhere else in the Prairie State.

This guide will help you understand the most important aspects of moving to Illinois. It also contains some fun facts that may be of interest to you.

All You Need To Know When Relocating to Illinois

Illinois is a Midwestern state with 75% farmland. The majority of its residents live in or near Chicago, Illinois’ largest city. It is located in the northwest corner of Illinois, near Lake Michigan.

Chicago is third America’s largest city, just behind Los Angeles and New York.

Over 2.7 million Illinois residents live within Chicago’s city limits or near it. This is why most people who plan to move to Illinois are going to this urban location.

Windy City is one of the Midwest’s most diverse cities. It is home to some of the most delicious food in the world, including the famous deep-dish pizza. Chicago has a lot to offer culturally. There are theaters, galleries, outdoor art installations and pop-up events.

You’ll find many sports fans in Illinois, such as the Black Hawks (pro-ice hockey), the Cubs, professional baseball, the Bulls (NBA pro baseball), the Bulls, the Bears, the Bears, the Bears, the Bears, the Bears, the Bears, the Bears, and the White Sox, which is also MLB baseball.

Illinois has five national parks. Chicago boasts more than 600 parks. Chicago’s most well-known parks include Hyde Park and Millennium Park. Lincoln Park is located on the lake. It houses the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory. There are also a few museums and a theater on it. You can also enjoy outdoor activities like rowing.

Illinois is home to a few interesting facts. These are just a few of the many Illinois has to offer.

  • Illinois became the first state to abolish slavery
  • Illinois was home to Abraham Lincoln for over two decades of his adult life. This is why they call it the “Land of Lincoln.”
  • Des Plaines, Illinois, was home to the first McDonald’s in the world.
  • Four U.S. presidents once called Illinois Home: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Ronald Reagan
  • Chicago, New York City and Chicago are home to some of the highest buildings in America.

What is the Living Cost in Illinois?

It all depends on where you live. Living in Chicago is more expensive than in the rural areas of Illinois. However, Illinois’s cost of living is slightly lower than other states. Illinois ranks 93.4 on the 100-point cost of living index, making it slightly more affordable than other U.S. states.

The median home value in Illinois comes in at just under $250,000, with property taxes higher than average in the U.S. (The top sector for job opportunities in Illinois appears to be the business and professional sectors, with pre-pandemic recovery growing steadily. 

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