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To determine which topics were most popular in 2018, we analyzed all visits made to DEXMA’s blog, specializing in energy issues, technological innovation, and energy management.

We have compiled a list of the most popular articles. You can conclude this list such as:

  • What was the most requested topic by professionals within the sector?
  • What is the biggest interest in the energy market?
  • What are the trends and novelty that your competitors most popularly viewed?

We have chosen the top 10 most visited articles to avoid giving you 30 articles. These are the articles that received the most visits.

How to add your Energy Manager Certification to LinkedIn.

This article will show you the steps you need to follow to add your EM Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile. It may still be relevant, even though it was written over a year ago.

Everything you need to know regarding ISO 41001 Facility Management.

We highlighted this year the publication and updates of various ISOs. The ISO 41001, which specializes in facility management, stands out. ISO 41001 was the first standard to aid facility managers in achieving optimal efficiency. This article will provide more information.

Major Updates in ISO 50001:2018

Following the trend in ISO updates and that corresponding to ISO 50001:2018 for energy management were highlighted. They can be used in all sectors.

Best Practice

Perhaps you know a smart restaurant that uses smart technology. This article will help you find 5 smart and efficient practices for your restaurant.

Energy Management: The new trend

Gamification. What is Gamification? Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional environment to achieve better results: it absorbs knowledge. It improves some ability to reward concrete actions. What is gratifying electricity? This is what you will learn here.

Integrating Energy Analysis and Energy Control

Find out the differences between energy control and control automation. The latest technologies offer proactive control, advanced energy control and more control for the tenant and the user. This section is for energy professionals who work in the real property sector. It contains useful information that will help you get to the next level.

Energy Reporting: 3 tools to ruin your reports

Reporting on energy takes time and effort. We will tell you which tools to avoid speed up final report creation.

Energy Management Issues in the Real Estate & Facility Management Market

This article is related to Real Estate. Here you will find 2 infographics. One shows the general challenges of real estate and the facility management sector. The other shows 7 energy management issues in building portfolios. Take a look at the article.

How do you estimate the ROI and budget for a restaurant energy efficiency project?

Managing a restaurant is not easy, but it is possible to calculate the ROI and estimated investment for a Restaurant Energy Efficiency project. We’ll show you how.

Advanced Energie Analysis Tools for Facility Management

You have already seen how to control and integrate energy analysis. But how can you analyze the energy from various buildings and locations?

It’s simple, but it requires advanced energy management. But you can’t do this with any tool. This article will show you 8 tools to perform this type of energy analysis.

As you can see, there are many topics on energy and energy management dealt with in the blog sought by professionals. But this is just a list of the most visited; you’ll find hundreds of articles and resources of great help in the blog. Take a look here and subscribe to keep up to date in the new year.

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